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If the Xray reveals the battery

If it happens to you Pick him up, calm him down, and check for obvious injuries. If the X-ray reveals the battery has already moved into the small intestine, the battery is typically allowed to pass. Always buckle the changing pad safety strap, but don't depend on it to keep your baby secure. Be extra vigilant of your baby's explorations at other people's homes. Yes, coffee can be a godsend.

Don't give your tot anything to drink or eat until you speak to a poison expert. Browse bandages in our Parents Shop.

At that moment, Hudson decided to try rolling over. In a worst-case scenario, the impact could cause a skull fracture, a concussion, or bleeding in the brain. Alternate between doing sets of five back blows and five chest thrusts until the object is forced out, your baby can cough, cry, or breathe, or help arrives. How to prevent burns Yes, you're sleep deprived.

Don't place Baby in a car seat, bouncy seat, or Bumbo on a table. On Sunday Emmett didn't want to eat. This time, the cereal all came out in a big throw-up mess.

Sedation is safer on an empty stomach. Cut other foods into pieces no larger than one-half inch. That's a good thing, though, when it comes to healing.

If it happens to you Pick