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Alternatively, you can add a new family to the predefined list of Main families. You can drop variables one-by-one or several at the same time. Open the Excel file formation pressure. Select the X-axis variable and second the Y-axis variable.

Options are slightly different if you select one or several zones before you right-click. You also will create the Index data set. The scale in the right lower corner lets you preview the images. Open the Properties window and right-click anywhere in the Properties tab. Editing, Removing, and Copying an Equation.

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Data Editor Learning Objectives. For the others, you will need to refer to the procedure for each track and then create the information required in the track by working through the exercises. Select the project you want to open, then click Open. The zonation track is updated when you change selected zones or the zonation set. Basics of the Techlog Window Learning Objectives.

Offset in the Y direction from the well position. Click Save and browse for an export folder.

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On the Edit families tab, select the family to edit and change the settings in the Properties window. In the Alias database window, click Add. This last selected variable will be used as the color scale. Creating a Multi-well Box Plot. There are some courses that use simulators and are highlighted with.

Hiding Zonation Shading in Tracks. The Top variable will be used as a reference. Verify that your data was imported correctly by expanding the wells and the data sets.

There are two ways of importing xml files into Techlog. Loading and Editing Data in the Zone Editor. Go to the Properties window of this reference track and select the reference you want to display in the track. Opens a window where you can select the Zonation data set to use to create the histogram. Select the variables you want to display on the crossplot.

Displaying Variable Array Type Data. You also can graphically modify the top and bottom of the crossplot. Click Close to close the import buffer. It comprises all the depth variables from the data sets present in all wells used in the process.

Choosing the ask for each case option could be useful for future import sessions. Using the Data Editor to Create an Equation.

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Commercial proprietary software. Click Link and browse to the location of Reference repository. If another user forgets to unlock the data, a data administrator can unlock them. The Families tab displays the settings for example, unit, min- max, scale, and line color corresponding to each family. Depth Shifting a Data Set.

Using the Properties Window. Measured depth is the only mandatory input for this option. Drag the variable into a normal track. This training will prepare you for additional courses and advanced training.

User, Project, Company, or Techlog. Editing Family Properties. Change the level to Project.

Be aware that if data is deleted with the Delete command, it will be stored in the trash bin and you can retrieve it. Techlog Cased Hole formation evaluation. Please help improve this article if you can. Click Next to go to the Folder, status and type page.

PDF) important pdf about techlog software

Techlog Petrophysics

Set Keep consecutive separators to no and click Preview. Wrap display Displays the values of a variable not visible in a track. This article provides insufficient context for those unfamiliar with the subject. For plot per zone and plot by depth interval options, the plotted top and the bottom depths are different from the top and bottom of the plot itself. All of the zonation data sets present in the well are now available for selection in the Zonation data set drop-down menu.

The Folder, status and type window opens. Sometimes you might have to upload data with a different reference such as time data. When you reopen the workspace, the windows will be arranged in the same way as they were when you saved the workspace. The Horizontal axis properties provide three types of limits for you to choose to control the variable scale. The files are parsed automatically in the import buffer, because.

You also can import and save date-time data in a Techlog project. Creating the My First Techlog Project. Creating a New Techlog Project. Software and Domain courses are listed separately in their respective sections, adobe acrobat professional for mac full version please click on the interested tab to see all the courses under the corresponding discipline. You will become proficient with the platform tools and you will gain an understanding of the major principles governing the software.