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Therefore, I must say to you all that there's not going to be Symfonia anymore. In the title cut, a balladic lyric is revealed only after an intense intro of pure pomp, and there's a lengthy labyrinthine display of pure instrumental prowess. This set is all excess, all the time.

In the title cut

As a debut, In Paradisum is a portrait of all of power metal's self-indulgent grandiosity, balanced by sophisticated melodies, instrumental sophistication, and a very accessible production style. Therefore, I must say to you all that there's not going to be a second album. It's your life, it's your decision.

Symfonia may take themselves very seriously as musicians, but they also understand that a bit of overwrought camp is a good idea when making a metal record. The band did a tour in South America mostly in Brazil and would start to record a new album subsequently.

But I mean, we had been working on this Symfonia thing for over a year, and nothing really weird happened before this very day. In his long text, Timo cited some problems during the recording and touring of the first Symfonia album. Months later, the five musicians met in Helsinki and started rehearsing.

Therefore I must say to you