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Julius Caesar gets warned

The intelligent one and the fooled one. In this act, Cassius and Brutus are planning their strategy against Antony and Octavius. You will be far more persuasive in your rhetoric if you admit that to yourself. He speaks and says that Caesar was a great man, convincing and diving the crowd.

And he certainly does not see me as I truly am. My thoughts return to Antony. The danger lies in the fact that you know that this is happening to you and they made you believe that you are powerless to prevent regression from happening.

This scene concentrates especially on Brutus thoughts on Caesar and how and why he wants to kill him. If the conspiracy fails, she will lose her husband, but not her life. Elviaprose Cassius reflects, rather grimly, as he prepares to assassinate Caesar the following morning. Perhaps it will be to her benefit. Once they see wants in front of them, they file a vocal request for change because they believe they are entitled to it given the universal laws on offer.

Then Soothsayer enters and she

We stand in the midst of the Forum, considering one another intently, oblivious to the chaos surrounding us. Everyone is out on the streets in their way to celebrate and honor Julius that came back. In spite of everything, the thought nearly makes me smile. That he should watch Cinna and never trust Trebonius, take note of Metellus Cimber.

Brutus sees nothing, nothing but his own honor. Not one of us knows the truth, not even Plato.

Then, Soothsayer enters and she asks him if Caesar has arrived to the senate and he says no, but that something strange will happen. Julius Caesar gets warned various times by bad omens and soothsayer that something bad was going to happen to him during March. In the beginning it is natural that Julius Caesar would be the main character, but in reality the main character is Cassius and Brutus. When she tells caesar, he sends a servant to the priests to perform a sacrifice to see if what she saw is real. Sometimes, though, I think that that has served me well.

Cassius is more intelligent than Brutus. Cassius reveals his plan to murder Caesar in front of Casca nad acts surprised to have revealed so much information. Cassius manipulates Brutus into joinning and becoming the king. The fears of Julius Caesar were accurate since Brutus turns against him by contributing to his brutal stabbing.