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We are not granted those easy hints, we have to do with intuition and emotion and experiences and try to make these decisions, and wade through this Karmic whirlpool we were born into. In prison they have a whole new set of contracts to deal with, because we are talking about hard core Karma, if your choices are bad enough to send you into that kind of hell-hole, called prison. Some people walk around like acorns, having no idea of what is going on and they could care less, They get thrown through this emotional Vietnam of misery, suffering and tragedy in their lives. Every occurrence and every opportunity that you experience during Earth life has been prepared or allowed for before you incarnated. They may even have vivid dreams of these forthcoming events.

Soul Contracts of Loneliness If you are some one who is looking for their soul mate throughout your life, you have relationship after another which results in failure, heartbreak and sadness. Many of you believe in free will choice, but this topic slants towards what you may have heard about free-will choice. When you are confronted with the pre-arranged courses you decided on prior to your birth, those are the deals made by your higher mind, that super computer that we talked about. So you are offered the Soul contract and enter it, but then end up paying the price for making the wrong choice and that is what Karmic growth is all about. So we are talking really hard core payment for that.

It is that before you are born, you literally make reservations with thousands of personal souls, Soul mates, and beings who will act as catalyzers for you to experience a karmic evolution. Until you yourself understand the transits this is the best way we can teach them to you. When you have perfected the awareness part, a new part will show up.

In prison they haveWe are not granted

However, while you remain immersed in the illusion, it is very difficult for you to perceive this, let alone understand what it is trying to show you. It could also be a Karma for the parents. Take a look at the lottery for you to get close to those many people it is hard.