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Software Endgames by Robert Galen download in ePub, pdf, iPad

In other words, let the clustering drive your risk-based testing activity and focus. So, all of the large Telecomm companies were impacted. At that time, I began to write a book. See if you have enough points for this item. Leadership where you engage, listen to, protect, and empower your teams.

The term ScrummerFall

Pairing has become a popular way of developing software. You win or lose depending on your endgame strategy and overall execution. While you can glean information from your bug flow, prevention and early detection are key today.

This followed the

This being a primary gate from software development to testing. The focus here was on Pareto-based testing around where the defect clustering was occurring on each subsequent release. Yes, I did a bit of that, but I was overwhelmed by my Waterfall experience at the time. But all team members can and should pair as the stories meet the real world.

This followed the Waterfall lifecycle where software passed through phases and gates. The term ScrummerFall was coined to represent the practice where software is delivered to the testers on an agile team around day of a day sprint. However, at the time, I feel it was a breakthrough book on a topic that virtually nobody was talking about. In the endgame, effective management and repair of defects is crucial.