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And there is no want for tour guides that lead intrepid travellers through the shantytowns that sprung up as people fled conflict in Lima and other cities. But by asking the right questions, you are showing you care, and are forcing tour operators to tackle these issues. Slum tourism can also give local people pride about their neighborhood, showing them that their home is a destination worthy of attention from people who have traveled a very long way.

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Money rarely trickles down. Not everybody he spoke with felt the same way though. And so do all of us to the local economy just by traveling and living in here. The tours make poverty exotic, otherworldly, almost glamorizing what to inhabitants is a harsh reality which will remain once the tourists are long gone. Ghetto tourism was first studied in by Michael Stephens in the cultural-criticism journal, PopMatters.

Direct interaction goes a long way to promote mutual appreciation and avoid having locals be seen and pitied as disadvantaged people, which Odebe particularly criticized in his Times piece. Right next to it was a smaller building, which the hostel had supplied building materials for. People feel degraded by being stared at doing mundane things - washing, cleaning up, preparing food, things that are private. Soweto was part of that, as well as a major chapter in the bigger South African story of apartheid and discrimination.

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The image of a country may be tarnished by publicizing slums this is an actual concern among certain segments of certain populations - usually the more wealthy. Most adults, glancing up only briefly from their work, gave a smile or a nod. Table Mountain looms in the background of a Cape Town township.