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The battle between Autobots and Decepticons then resumed on this new world. Unsurprisingly, this plan met with failure when the speedy Chromedome was able to snatch the bomb right out of Mindwipe's hands before he even had the chance to hurl it. Darkwing and Dreadwind fled Nebulos shortly thereafter. They would lure it into space, and then throw a bomb into one of his open doors.

Skullcruncher and the

The whole event was orchestrated from afar by Megatron to eliminate Optimus Prime and his rivals in the Decepticons. During the initial fight, Weirdwolf and Skullcruncher chased down Chromedome until he outpaced them, forcing the slower Decepticons to settle with surrounding Hardhead instead. Strangely, Skullcruncher's own Nebulan ally, Grax, was nowhere to be seen during these events. His training mostly involved smashing stone sculptures of their Autobot enemies. They remained out of action until the war with Galvatron ended, and the time storm was abated.

Though the Decepticons failed to find the Key, Skullcruncher and the other Decepticons did make away with several Autobot captives. Skullcruncher uses a Grenade Launcher of Similar make to Seaspray and Octopunch to bombard defenses from afar. Suspecting that Skullcruncher might have the key in question, Optimus sent the Autobots after him. He ended up blasted sky high by Shockwave's blaster mode.

Deciding he'd had enough, Skullcruncher returned once more to crocodile mode and retreated, leaving the key behind him. Skullcruncher and the Decepticons wisely fled, rather than face the combined might of both Rodimus and Optimus Prime. Spotting his pursuers, Skullcruncher transformed back to robot mode and answered Prime's demand for the key by sending a horde of enemies after them.

Fortress Maximus and several of his crew members had binary bonded with their Nebulan allies, creating two-in-one warriors. Once he arrived, he immediately asked if there was anything to eat, as he'd eaten something earlier but it was not to his liking. They recovered the stunned Lord Zarak and reconnected him with Scorponok, restoring their leader. Skullcruncher and company pursued, leading to a showdown in Vector Sigma's chamber, where Hot Rod used the Matrix to become Rodimus Prime again.

Deciding he'd had enough

They came to blows against their Autobot Headmaster counterparts in the middle of a Nebulan city. Skullcruncher was posted on Cybertron, and wasn't really doing anything important.