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Washes out the dirt of anger, sin, Up-roots all fears and doubts within. Ram amritwani by anuradha paudwal full audio song juke box.

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Oh may I live in Name as free, In waters as a fish is free, And fill myself with grace and Love, Within, around, below and above. Repeat, reflect on Name, Ram-Ram, Tis sacred word protects from sin, Awakens vital force lying asleep, Takes it to the higher chakras within.

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Creator, care-taker is He, Protects from sin, deceit. When odds and ends obstruct way, Enemies abound, jealousies sway, In Name Ram-Ram seek rest abide, Comforter, companion, well-wisher, true guide.

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From right Teacher learn right technique, Of right repetition of right Name, And then mediate with greatest faith, Upon Shri-Ram's most vital name. No need to be fancy, just an overview.

With deep devotion, my heart! Hath not Thy Name sinners saved? You've found the Name's treasure, When rings Its melody in your ear, When in your tongue Its honesty abounds, When in your mind its rhythm resounds.

Here is the track list for Ram Amritwani By. Let true spirituality permeate the universe and the holiest of the holy Ram-Naam transcend rise above all barriers! When darkest clouds gather around, When wicked are by, sorrows surround, Then lose no time but sing Ram-Ram, Keep ringing the holy rhyme Ram-Ram. In wilderness, in deep distress, When all around is death, darkness, As light of Name Ram-Ram is lit, Of own accord all sufferings quit. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

Comes rushing down water with speed, As soon is turned a tap, above, The Grace likewise descends by Jap, And fills the mind with faith and love. From seed in earth as grows a tree, Slowly by help of elements three, Sun, air, water- in similar way, Name's seed grown up into Yoga's Tree. Criminals culprits fallen in shame, Have washed their sins in river of Name. Even those in actions and duties meek, With minds infirm, wavering and weak, Repeat Ram-Ram, achieve success, Are firm in faith, become pure, sinless.

The path of grace - if you may find? Ram Amritwani By Anuradha Paudwal. As blows with force a fragrant breeze, Into a room through windows, doors, The Grace is thus ever blowing, Taking away all ills and sores. Hoven Sab Saadhan Sukh-Raas. When heart is sinking in sea of sorrow, And mind troubled with thoughts of morrow, Hold fast your grip on Name's ore, And steer your ship safe to the shore.

With every breath, in every vein, Through-out your body, pulsate the Name, So place in name your every thought, You, even in dreams, forget it not. The world's a tree, Ram is the root, O man! Wicked worthless morally depraved?

Within an atom as is hidden, Of latent power, a great treasure, A secret Shakti is thus locked up, Within the mantra, of this be sure. Anuradha Paudwal Download Song we may collect and you can listen to and download.

Author Write something about yourself. Knowing this secret of secrets of all, With faith, devotees repeat the Name, That That and This, in-fact, are one, Are one, indeed, the Named and the Name.

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If You are unable to download Amritvaani shri ram sharman by song, computer internet monitoring software please. Shri Ram Amritwani Singer. Download Amritvaani shri ram sharman by anuradha paudwal Listen to all the Ram Amritwani movie songs for free online. Download Amritvani By Shree.

Download Ram Naam Amritvani. Ram amritwani by anuradha paudwal full audio song juke box is published by T. With Self control and self-restraint, Savants, sages, each sadhu and saint, Yogis, rishis and ascetics calm, Mediate, each day, on Name Ram-Ram. Download game alien shooter terbaru. Salutations to Thee, again, again, With heart full of delight.