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Rethinking South China Sea Disputes by Katherine Hui-Yi Tseng download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Includes bibliographical references and index. Smaller claimant countries may turn to more powerful countries like the United States to deter and counter Chinese assertiveness. Moral authority is superior to brute force. Analysts believe it indicates divisions within the group on how to respond to China's maritime strategy.

The exercise was conducted away from the island bases China has been building to push its claims in the strategic sea. Pending settlement, it behooves all parties not to elevate the disputes to the level of core national security. Composition of the bench, terms of reference, preparing national positions, etc. Access may be limited to ProQuest affiliated libraries. There will still be rules but power would feature more prominently than principles in the making of order.

We hope they will respect and support countries in the region to solve the bilateral disputes through bilateral channels. China's sovereign rights and positions are formed in the course of history and this position has been held by Chinese Government for long.

China's sovereign rights and positions are

Hence it should be active not only in managing the disputes but also in settling them. Most importantly, claimant countries must prepare their body politics to accept the international verdict. Vietnamese troops control the greatest number of islands, reefs, etc.

Despite several precedents, referring disputes to an international body will not be easy or unproblematic. However, they leave open the possibility of periodic tension and military clashes with the potential for worrying consequences.

Some have also attempted to expand their physical presence. The submarine Kuroshio, the helicopter carrier Kaga and two other destroyers, the Inazuma and Suzutsuki, took part in warfare exercise. Settlement would resolve a thorny issue and strengthen peace, security and order in the region.

Except for the dispute over the Scarborough Shoal, all other disputes in the South China Sea are multilateral. Settlement would strengthen the construction of a rules-based order in Asia. The major shareholders are J. The island is also claimed by Taiwan and Vietnam.

Rowe Price Associates, Inc. This way no country has to unilaterally compromise or renounce its claim.

We hope they will