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Women of Color Organizing for Reproductive Justice. The results from the survey also found a correlation between Republican -dominated state legislatures and severely restricted coverage for abortion. For them, reproductive politics was not about choice, but about justice.

Reproductive justice as both a phrase and a concept is based on black women's voices and lives. These advocates explain that reproductive health is about more than just abortion, especially for communities of color who have faced a history of forced sterilization and eugenic practices. Because reproductive oppression affects women's lives in multiple ways, a multi-pronged approach is needed to fight this exploitation and advance the well-being of women and girls.

Newly incarcerated women are at a higher risk of experiencing unintended pregnancies. The lifelong effects of forced sterilization as well as the unnecessary suffering due to untreated disease violates these treaties.

This means that it is often harder for oppressed people to access healthcare because of factors such as education, income, geographic location, immigration status, and potential language barriers. Advocates of reproductive justice support a diversity of issues they consider necessary for women to make reproductive decisions free of constraint or coercion. Structurally, these identities do not have the same degrees of choice when it comes to accessing reproductive care. She defines reproductive justice as a framework created by activist women of color to address how race, gender, class, ability, nationality, and sexuality intersect.

This means thatAdvocates of reproductive justice support a

These clinics are vital to low-income and uninsured individuals. It is based on movement-building.

These include cases of medical neglect and forced sterilization. We also fight for the necessary enabling conditions to realize these rights. It is also a strategy for bringing together social justice movements.