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Bring the declaration to your church. So far, they've acquired a patchwork of land adjacent to land that is federally protected. She and husband Craig French are fifth-generation cattle ranchers. The true meaning of the word repentance is to turn around.

He is the light in our darkness. How strange, then, that so few Americans have ever actually seen a prairie. There was once millions of acres like this, but no more. We, in turn, should love and serve the world and all its inhabitants, rather than seek first narrow, nationalistic prerogatives. We stand for the respect, protection, and affirmation of women in our families, communities, workplaces, politics, and churches.

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If you are a lay-person, share the declaration with your pastor and ask that they preach on it, share it with the congregation, and help organize a study group. Just imagine you change a sponge to a hard surface. More acres of prairie are lost every year than acres of Amazon rainforest. We never preserved a big grassland park.

And that's what the ranchers have done over the years. The search and respect for truth is crucial to anyone who follows Christ.

This is one of just four intact grasslands that still exist in the world. And the second is like unto it.

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