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Reavers of the Blood Sea by Richard Knaak download in ePub, pdf, iPad

In fact, he comes across as a coward in the beginning. He is saved by a squadron of knights and they head towards his homeland. Then again, it's Fantasy, it's Dragonlance. The Puppet King by Douglas Niles. The war of the gods, which also greatly affects the different races on Krynn, is still going on.

It seems like there is one battle after another as no one gets a rest in this conflict. This book has everything in it. It's only much later that he gains more sympathy and realizes that he has to fight, has to show his worth. Obviously, the minotaurs don't like that, to say the least.

This is set in the Dragonlance universe and takes place during the Chaos War. Several times, it just doesn't make sense to change the addressing. But as the Father of All and of Nothing i. He acts admirably as he is thrust into each situation.

Aryx, of noble origin, is the minotaur who has to lead his people to victory. This did affect my rating. If you are looking for a fantasy book that has tons of action this novel is for you. The lands of the minotaurs are placed around the Blood Sea, where a maelstrom threatens the life of every seafarer who has to use these waters.

The gods fight their own battle against Chaos, as mentioned above, and can't be everywhere at the same time. Having read several other books since then, it took me some time to readjust to the world and the writing style. But he's not your typical Hercules or Rambo.

Loved ones die, sometimes too soon. Aryx is a great character as he is the reluctant hero. It has different races of sentient beings, gods, and amazing creatures.

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It does help if you have an some knowledge of this universe. This novel tells how the war affects the minotaurs.

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He's the minotaur specialist in the world of Dragonlance. In this part of the sub-series, the focus lies on the minotaurs. There are severe losses, as is the case in any war. There's enough action, although not everything makes sense. Not strong all the way, sometimes dragging, but definitely entertaining.