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We defined a period of rapid government debt growth in two ways. Gardner, and Brian Halweil. However, projections are not guarantees. There is of course a vast literature on this subject.

In the West a

Some economists have argued that this too will bring inflation. Population may grow more slowly if, optimistically, fertility declines more quickly than experts expect e. Rather, the impetus behind third world mortality reductions originated, for the most part, in factors external to the society. Unlike freshwater algae, which sink and decompose when they die, duckweeds continue to float as they senesce see photo right. For countries, regions, states, and so on, population growth results from a combination of natural increase and migration flows.

This management action requires cooperation by landholders and management agencies. In the West, a comparable reduction typically took around one century. Populations can grow at an exponential rate, just as compound interest accumulates in a bank account. We also looked at a five-year decline in real interest rates of three percentage points or more. Third, mortality decline did not parallel economic development.

Relative in vitro growth rates of duckweeds Lemnaceae - the most rapidly growing higher plants. In a well-managed pond, the duckweeds can be skimmed of as they begin to senesce.

Our results on government debt were as follows. Before that, high mortality counterbalanced the high fertility needed by agrarian parents. In the middle of the twentieth century, demographic transition theory became the dominant theory of population growth. Submersed and floating-leaved or mat-forming species usually respond more strongly to enrichment than do emergents e. Of the seven such occurrences, none were followed by high inflation.

If a country was not included, it was because we could not get a complete enough set of historical data on that country. Mortality decline in less developed countries followed a different path. The external environment has been important for this transformation. Read how to keep them under control.

This management action requires cooperation by