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We need to hear how this access issue impacts people, and then share those stories with health insurers, diabetes device manufacturers, medical professionals, and elected officials. Or write a letter or make a phone call to their execs. This insurance mandate on insulin pumps means it becomes more work for you and your medical team to get the device you want. Many of us have been told by insurers for years that we must use preferred brands of test strips, meters, insulin and other medications. Meanwhile, their competition is up in arms.

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But now, that's moving into the highly-competitive insulin pump market. As noted, Tandem was the first to sound the bell by issuing a press release that brought the issue to light on Tuesday morning. But most recently, it seems DiabetesAccessMatters is gaining steam to be the main hashtag used to motivate the masses. It took an industry competitor to blow the whistle, as it were.

Insulin pumps are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Advocate to employers and insurance brokers.

They organized an ad hoc conference call with many D-advocates yesterday to come up with several things we in the D-Community can all do immediately. How people manage it should be. Do the same with Medtronic, letting them know you aren't happy with these exclusive agreements and that you'd like to see them nix any others that may be in the works. Which in the end adds cost to the healthcare system.

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Let us decide for ourselves, instead of forcing our hands and making us spend yet more time and energy fighting to get what we need to lead healthy lives. We're grateful to our D-advocacy brothers and sisters in arms at diaTribe for leading a charge to activate the patient community on this. Several dozen diabetes advocates are also collaborating on an open letter to payers about this issue, so stay tuned for more on that soon. So let's help physicians and educators understand what's happening and encourage them to echo these concerns up the chain.