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This is the historical juncture at

This is the historical juncture at which the postcolonial ghost emerges in the background of the postsocialist drama. The decolonial stance is one step further in the sense that it involves a conscious choice of how to interpret reality and how to act upon it. Initially the postsocialist trajectory was marked by an almost emotional rejection of everything Socialist and a fascination with Western knowledge. Chari and Verdery operate with generalized and homogenized notions of postcolonial studies and postsocialist discourses which are far from con- crete cases of both critiques. They often remain silent about certain events and episodes which are central to their lives and for the Socialist trajectories.

The decolonial stance

Both extremes are potentially ana- chronistic as they tend to idealize either socialism or the highly constructed precolonial tradition. They left their marks and traces on us, weaving collective memories and myths, some nostalgic, others condemning. This brings us to the necessity of differentiating more carefully between various local histories and structural models within the postsocialist, post- Soviet, and various postcolonial intersections.

This is true of the relations between the Western-based largely post-Marxist postco- lonial theory and the postsocialist world in its peripheral European frames. This was an alarming indication of a more severe than in the global South case of coloniality of knowl- edge in the failed Socialist modernity. The majority of those who found themselves under the Soviet rule were its victims who had to build them- selves into the state Socialist modernity to survive.

Decolonial thinkers are quite often postcolonial people and postcolonial scholars in their majority share the decolonial agenda. This happened at a time when post- colonial theorists still largely rehearsed the leftist anti-capitalist discourses.