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The Judicial system is

The courts, which are independent in discharging their duties, must explain each ruling on the basis of the provisions of the Constitution, the laws, jurisprudence, and their personal convictions. However, the retirement age restrictions do apply. Its leader, Meral Aksener, is the only female contender in the presidential election. It pursued limitations to abortion in their agenda, drawing criticism from the opposition.

It has jurisdiction over misdemeanors and petty crimes, with penalties ranging from small fines to brief prison sentences. Most courts are open to the public. Thus, its roots are in tenets like ultra-nationalism, anti-communism, militancy and a strong state.

The threshold is set to be reduced. Perincek had very close links to high-level officials in the former Soviet Union.

For minor civil complaints and

For minor civil complaints and offenses, justices of the peace take the case. The Judicial system is highly structured.

Later, it took a more conservative line, drawing harsh criticism from the opposition. There were two attempts to establish a new political party in lates, but they were both banned.