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Nine crew members remain on board and are reported to be unharmed. Merchant vessels should be on heightened security alert during calls into ports preceding arrival in South Florida, particularly those in the Caribbean, Central and South America. He had been shot execution-style through the mouth. Several ordered his pregnant wife to leave the house, and stayed inside with Sumangue.

If that was not possible it

If that was not possible, it said, crews should exercise extra vigilance and be ready to report any suspicious activities to the authorities. Family members often reported hearing beatings and their loved one begging for their lives. The attack took place some nautical miles nm east of the Somali capital Mogadishu. Assessment and Analysis This was the second report of armed intruders boarding a vessel in the Pointe-Noire anchorage in less than a month. They fled when the alarm was raised.

It is suspected that vessels navigating within the channel were influenced by the speed and direction of current, resulting in their loss of control and subsequent grounding. Attacks typically involve armed assailants coming alongside in small boats and climbing aboard using ladders, ropes and hooks. Vessels in offshore and inshore waters are at risk. Around five people armed with guns were using hooks in an attempt to board.

However, they share similarities with the vast majority of the cases reported in the media. The funeral parlors will be packed. According to Polish media reports the pirates boarded the container ship from two motorboats. By the time crew members had moved towards the forecastle to investigate the intruders had gone.

Three days before two intruders were spotted by a watchman on-board another product tanker. The assailants tied up two security guards and stole their personal belongs. They would carry handguns. Just because you are a journalist you are not exempted from assassination you son of a bitch.

Family members often reported hearing beatings