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Some things are too critical to the storyline to drop completely without making major alterations, yet you will be stuck, in essence, if you wait to dig up an answer. Be sensitive to that person's time, however, and come with your questions written out and organized so as to make the best use of the interview. Market research, done correctly, can provide clear direction about the path your company needs to take. Both are viable and effective, but need careful consideration and use.

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Historical societies and history departments at colleges and universities are sources into which you can tap as well. You may end up referring to more than one dictionary in some cases, as some are more vague in their history of a word than others are e. If you happen to come across the information before you have finished writing your book, most of the time you can add it to the appropriate part with minimum effort. Alterations can still be made later if you find what you need after moving on. Also find books that pertain to technical aspects of your story.

Apple, however, went a different direction. Secondary research is using the data that other people have gathered, and can be useful in finding out general information about business. This direct, raw data from customers gives insight from the people who use your product. This step will be on-going during the writing process, since you may find minor questions arising as you proceed with your work. Sometimes seeing household items from the time period will help you understand better how they were used.

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Whatever it is that your customers receive from you is your product. While it is advisable to take notes from both of these types of books, be very particular about what you write down. When market research is done inefficiently, however, it can lead to costly business mistakes and potential business disasters. Typically made up of people, a focus group can be valuable in learning how your product is used, what is favorable about your product, and areas that customers want improved. Find out what current trends are, see who is talking about products and where the hot-spots are.

It is not, personally, my preferred course of action, but sometimes a writer could waste hours searching for the answer to a single question instead of spending that time writing. For our purposes, your product is what you deliver to a customer.