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Fanura watched Marius fight the powerful aroma of her rank, dripping love slit. Quite unconsciously, the men had begun to slowly stoke their rigid cocks. Fanura noticed a massive bulge beginning to show itself beneath his tunic.

Her mother Queen Afni

The men hardly reacted, so deep was the spell they were under. It is a foolish fisherman who pulls hard on the line when the fish has just begun to nibble.

After the first goblet of the drugged wine, the Emperor's eyes seldom traveled far from those dark mounds except to gaze deeply into her darker eyes. In three more, at thy gates.

When Faruna was

Her mother, Queen Afni before her, had seen to that by giving her the son of a Corthon warrior, one of the Queen's many lovers, as her playmate. When Faruna was twelve, she had taken the boy to her bed and allowed him to become him her first love slave. Before handing the realm over, her mother had advised Fanura to bear a daughter as heir as soon as possible. Most of your suffering is self-created.

Surrender is about yielding to, rather than opposing, the flow of life. Towering over the priestess and even the Queen, the Captain of the guard commanded respect. True surrender does not mean to passively put up with whatever situation you find yourself in, and to do nothing about it.