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There was a hole in his left temple. This included a stop at the Gare d'Austerlitz ordered by Dr Martino because of the drop in the blood pressure of the Princess of Wales and the necessity to deal with it. Andanson's death was attributed to problems in his private life. President Jacques Chirac and his wife also wished to pay their respects. This had been met with no opposition from the Royal Family and Prince Charles had given his blessing.

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Diana had explored the possibility of marriage with him. The doctor was concerned about Diana's blood pressure and the effects on her medical condition of deceleration and acceleration. Paul Burrell stated that Diana was still not over her break-up with Khan at the time of her death.

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Who is Owen Wilson dating? Owen Wilson girlfriend, wife

There would be no reason for those in the overnight control room in Paris to be viewing that camera in particular before the crash. The official verdict was suicide.

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Following external cardiopulmonary resuscitation, her heart started beating again. None of these had any images relevant to the inquiry, since they were principally security cameras facing the entrances to buildings. Andanson's neighbours confirmed the veracity of this evidence. No evidence was found that any such preparation had been made.

Richard Tomlinson made this allegation at the inquiry, but the veracity of his evidence was found wanting. It was bought by Mohammed Al-Fayed after the couple's death. Officers in the Police Headquarters Information and Command Centre could continue to view the pictures shown by the traffic camera in real time but could not control it.

These demonstrated that Andanson could only have been at his home in Lignieres, miles from Paris, at the time of the crash. Under French law, paperwork must be completed before undertaking the embalming of any corpse likely to be subject to a post-mortem. Secrets Behind the Crash, claimed to have shown the couple around with their intent being to live there, was not even present at the villa on that day as he was on vacation. Lieutenant Eric Gigou of the Brigade Criminelle led the team that carried out that work, boston love nest launched new dating service hybrid announced initially by retracing the route several times and drawing up a list of possible locations. Extensive attempts by the French police to find the vehicle involved were unsuccessful.

Evidence purported to support this arises mainly from money in his possession at the time of his death and his personal wealth. This paperwork was completed, but only after the embalming had been carried out, giving rise to allegations of suspicious circumstances.

Dr Jean-Marc Martino supported this view. On that day, by Judicial Order, he tasked the Brigade Criminelle with identifying all video and photographic images along the route taken by the Mercedes. The ambulance was travelling slowly on his express instructions. She then went into cardiac arrest. There was a traffic-monitoring camera above the underpass in the Place de l'Alma itself but this was under the control of la Compagnie de Circulation Urbaine de Paris Paris Urban Traffic Unit.

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It concluded the threat of prosecution for a custodial offence probably deterred the driver from coming forward at the time. However, it was reported that friends said she was in her normal menstrual cycle and there was evidence she was using contraception. It would have likely blinded not only Paul, but also the driver of the white Fiat Uno, the pursuing paparazzi and witnesses standing at the road side. It was disclosed in November that Lord Stevens had met with Paul's elderly parents telling them that their son was not drunk.

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