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One Half from the East by Nadia Hashimi download in ePub, pdf, iPad

As a whole this is a

The characters from this story are equally well developed, laced with flaws and dynamism in their demeanor thereby making them look real and believable in the eyes of the readers. In the village Obayda's and her family's life resumes normally with the financial help from her father's brother. So this story will transport the readers right into the middle of a forgotten village in Kabul where people are dominated by a cruel and vicious warlord. But there is no forever for a bacha posh. The pacing of the book is really swift as the author unravels the story through some layers and twists that will surprise the readers.

And after reading the prequel of The Pearl That Broke Its Shell, I'm definitely looking forward in reading about Rahima's painful journey into marriage, love and womanhood. As a whole, this is a fulfilling read, but it is bound to leave the readers with a hangover and lasting impression for the protagonist and her family. The other supporting characters are also equally fantastic and enlightens the story with their unmatched charm. The two of them can explore the village on their own, climbing trees, playing sports, and more.

And after reading the prequel