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Pickford headed for bed, and Thomas wrote a letter to her mother. During this time she reportedly worked as a sales clerk. Ziegfeld The sexy Midnight Frolic.

Though the relationship had been rocky most agree she was the love of Jack's life, so much so that he was said to have contemplated suicide upon returning to America. Thomas would become a Follies favorite, working in The Midnight Frolic as well as many of the revues. She had been deluged with proposals from her own world of the theater as well.

The relationship was a stormy one. You must live and face the future. After graduation, he spent several years on the East Coast working as an account executive for a travel company.

The girl had the loveliest violet-blue eyes I have ever seen. Rena Duffy later married Harry M. She fussed around and wrote a note to her mother.

Thomas and her brothers often stayed with their grandparents while her mother Rena worked in a local factory. The last name of Thomas came from a marriage to a clerk in a department store where she worked.

The girl had

Rumors swirled she had killed herself, or was poisoned by a crazed American captain or murdered by Pickford himself. Thomas passed away a day later, with her husband and brother-in-law Owen Moore at her side. Ziegfeld purchased and hung the portrait in his office at the New Amsterdam Theatre. But neither seems to be the case.

Stunningly gorgeous, she soon found herself being pursued by a number of very wealthy and powerful men who frequented the follies. Several accounts state that Pickford tried to commit suicide en route but was talked out of it. We got along so well on the dance floor that we just naturally decided that we would be able to get along together for the rest of our lives.

The portrait was reportedly commissioned by Florenz Ziegfeld but Vargas later denied this claim. It ended in divorce in after four years. Later, she would be granted a divorce from him. They were fringed with long dark lashes that seemed darker because of the delicate translucent pallor of her skin.

Rena Duffy later