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As a bridge for patients awaiting lung transplant. You will be asleep and monitored for this process.

The Globe staffers

An x-ray is then taken to ensure the tubes are in the right place. The Globe staffers spent eight months shadowing an experienced nurse and a trainee nurse to learn about nursing practice first hand. Commonwealth and all State and Territory Health Ministers. Since you will be sedated and have a breathing tube in place, supplemental nutrition will be provided either intravenously or though a nasal-gastric tube.

Small clots or air bubbles forming in the tubing. The American Association of Critical Care Nurses advisory board sets and maintains standards for critical care nurses. Bleeding, due to the medication that's given to prevent blood from clotting in the tubing.

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The doctor will use small stitches to close the spot where the tubes were placed. They also work on medical evacuation and transport teams. Our meeting aims at two main goals. University Alliance, Bisk Education Inc.