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Not Forgetting The Whale by John Ironmonger download in ePub, pdf, iPad

What follows is

Beyond the line, life would say, nothing will ever be the same. What follows is a highly unusual and thoughtful story about the events which led to this post-apocalyptic point. The facts of this incident have been stretched and tangled throughout the generations and with multiple retellings. In their own unique ways, the villagers welcome this odd visitor from the city until he slowly becomes part of their close-knit community. What was once a historical incident has been transformed into a myth with a meaning far beyond itself.

When things reach a crisis point Joe drives off into the countryside to randomly wind up in isolated St Piran. The sun will rise tomorrow but it will rise onto a different world. This is what it would be - at least in some corners of the world.

From the moment I started reading I knew this would not disappoint. Joe, the man from the beach, instantly becomes part of the village but soon talks about a machine he built that predicts the future and that the end of the world is talking. Joe is determined to save the town but can he convince everyone to believe him. Time was moving at a different rate here.

This was a great read in my opinion. Joe is de St Piran is a sleepy hamlet in the corner of Cornwall with only people and is the type of place where everyone knows everybody else. Haven't enjoyed a book as much for several years. Joe was an instrumental part of developing a program which could predict the rise and fall of the stock market with reasonable reliability. In this story Joe Haak is an analyst in the city.

Beyond the line