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Advancing towards them with

Norma continues to rage at Pollione, Adalgisa repeats her desire to make him return to Norma, and Pollione curses the day when he met Norma. Appearing ring-shaped, it is thought that it actually is cylindrical and oriented directly at Earth. Pollione and Flavio enter. She resists him, but finally appears to agree that they will leave together the following day.

The assembled crowd demands to know why, but she dismisses them, stating that she needs to question her victim. Adalgisa tells Norma she has fallen in love with a Roman, whom she does not name. The assembled crowd accepts her cautious approach, and all leave the grove. When Pollione demands the knife, she calls the priests to assemble.

It lies in the southeastern corner of the constellation between Alpha Centauri and Zeta Arae. She considers killing them. He enters, telling her that she prays to a cruel god and is not trying to invoke the god of love. Vado al campo, ed all'ingrato Tutti io reco i tuoi lamenti.

In the duet, Adalgisa agrees to go to the Roman camp and tell Pollione of Norma's grief but her hope is to persuade him to return to Norma. Be moved by pity for them, even if you have no pity for yourself. The stellar wind from the more massive star is drawn to the magnetic poles of the neutron star, forming an accretion column and producing X-rays. This prompts him to plead for her life. It is Pollione who is led in, and Norma is urged to take the sacrificial knife to stab him but, approaching him, she is unable to perform the deed.

In anger, Norma strikes a gong-like shield as a summons to war. Responding, she tells her that he is a Roman, and, at that moment, turns to indicate that it is Pollione who is just then entering the room. Oroveso demands to know who is to be sacrificed while Pollione begs that she stays silent. Norma announces that it would be better to sacrifice a priestess who has broken her vows, and orders the pyre to be lit.

All leave to go to the temple. It was poorly monitored after the first eruption, so it is possible that it erupted in between. At that moment, Clotilde rushes in to announce that a Roman has desecrated the temple, but that he has been apprehended. She calls for all to complete the rites and then clear the uninitiated from the grove. Somewhat frustrated, the soldiers accept the decision.

All kneel as she approaches. Advancing towards them with knife upraised, she hesitates.

All kneel as she