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New England Knits by Cecily MacDonald download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Applicants have one week to install the ring code. So now we're caught back up to when I had four yarn colors to play with.

Then came deciding on the shape. What impressed me most was how well the different colorways go with each other.

Like I said before, I also knew I wanted to have a ton of multi-sized stripes. This shawl has been my go-to knitwear accessory for the past two months now, because its soooooo comfortable and extremely versatile. If the code is not properly installed within one week, your request to join will be deleted.

This shawl has beenLike I said before I also

Even though I knew exactly what four colors I wanted to use for the sample right away, there were so many color combinations I liked just as much. This led to hours of finagling in Illustrator to find the right arrangement and proportions of stripes. My idea board Actually, let me back up here. However my favorite part about this shawl is just how creative it lets each individual knitter be with their color choices.