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My Very UnFairy Tale Life by Anna Staniszewski download in ePub, pdf, iPad

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Even the secondary characters of My Very Unfairy Tale Life, though slightly lacking in development, still managed to make me laugh. Part of the genius behind Anna's premise is that middle readers who like and middle readers who don't like traditional fairy tales will both enjoy it. And strange talking magical creatures. Jennifer has the right amount of boldness and humour that surely had me impressed.

You'll find yourself wishing you were alongside Jenny fighting against unicorns who aren't as peaceful as you think and traveling to fantastical realms. Except Jenny is not having much fun. There are couple of plot points that aren't really explained or wrapped up well the disappearance of Jenny's parents, the mysterious committee and this left me feeling like something was missing. After the fiasco concerning Journey to Rainbow Island, I almost ditched this book. If truth be told, I actually went into it expecting another Journey to Rainbow Island and bracing myself for the worst.

Instead of being armed with a magic wand, Jenny relies on a repertoire of cheesy cliches to make a difference. Instead of discovering new jungles, Jennifer is sent to the world of fairy tales to help fairy tale citizens with their concerns.

Well this is that in reverse. Jenny is an ordinary girl sent to help change the lives of magical creatures. Her flaws, her doubts, her impulsiveness and time to time selfishness were very believable for her age.

My Very Unfairy Tale Life is a refreshing take on fairy tale stories wherein the heroine is far from your usual damsel in distress. Instead she gets a candy addict gnome guide and an old adventurer who keeps an eye on her.

Jenny is an ordinary girl

Even with magic, they still need the help of an eleven year old non-magic girl. But normal is not what Jenny expected and she has to consider that maybe adventuring is what she was born to do.

Jenny's voice is pitched perfectly for the book's intended audience and her magical problems reflect the real world problems that year olds face every day. If your middle reader is looking for a fast-paced and humorous read, this quirky book is a great option. Of course, it was understandable given the shortness of the book but still, Anna could have chosen to tell more.