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My Happy Days In Hell by György Faludy download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Potter did not seem to hear the Dark Lord's words and as the Potions Master looked at the boy, their gazes locked. It looked like the boy's infernal luck had finally run out.

And yet, Potter was not broken. The oath would surely kill him, then.

After that, I will kill him. He wanted to go home, to lock himself into his rooms and drink whisky until he passed out, and to sleep, and sleep, and not to wake up ever again.

Often at risk of death even

He could not do that alone, not to mention with Potter. They stared at each other without a sound besides the boy's harsh breathing for a long moment. It was excruciating, but its effects were short-lived. Who had saved his, Severus's, life, at that.

The windows were too high, the building was guarded by Anti-Apparation wards, if they wanted to escape, they should get out of the building and the specially guarded gates. Often at risk of death, even flirting with it in his encounters with Nazis and communists, Faludy revelled in the sheer sensation of being alive. Avery and Rome were already in place. He wanted to wake up in his dungeons to a glass of brandy. He was nominated for a literary Nobel Prize.

The windows were