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My Confection by Lisa Kotin download in ePub, pdf, iPad

For today, one is too many, a thousand are not enough. As with most dependencies, Kotin runs the gamut of emotions.

Health issues begin to plague her, and following a serious scare, Kotin seeks help. Her narrative makes for exhausting reading, but it convincingly depicts the decades-long emotional and physical traumas she endured. But nothing, including several dangerous and traumatic liaisons, seems to quell her sugar hunger.

As with most

If ever anyone doubted the scientific finding that sugar can be more addictive than cocaine, they should read this book. Everything was too much for him.

Thirty years after her initial rejection of Overeaters Anonymous, Kotin finds a haven within that group. My Confection is a darkly funny and candid memoir of where sugar took this teenage mime when she left her San Francisco Bay Area home in pursuit of artistic greatness.

For today one

Her clear, frank writing and acerbic wit match the ironies she immediately reveals. There is some serious subject matter in this book, but the author is able to keep most of it humorous.

And it is this tension that triggers her epic battle with sugar, a substance that science shows is more powerful than cocaine and is linked to heart disease, hypertension and many forms of cancer. It left me wanting more and made me look at my own life. Odyssey of a Sugar Addict Related Articles. That is until she finds solace in writing, an interesting shift given her mime background.