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Kamal Zakher an

Macarious, have traditionally enjoyed an elevated status because they revived the ascetic traditions of early monasticism. Adding to the intrigue, the church's statement appealed to lay Christians not to enter into any financial deals with monks, suggesting that corruption exists in some monasteries.

The story just tried to do too much and it became tediou This has to be one of the most convoluted, complicated mysteries that I have ever read. Part of the problem was that it was the first book in the series for me so I was unfamiliar with the the myriad amount of characters which populate these books.

The other monks told prosecutors he tried to kill himself, but the officials said they now suspect he may have been victim to a revenge attack by those angered by the killing of the abbot. It urged the monks to strictly observe the church's ancient rules of asceticism or face expulsion. They said he was killed with a single blow to the head by an iron bar.

Naturally enough a dead body

Libby's friend, Peter is intrigued by the story of the monastery and gets permission from the nuns to write a play and stage it in the ruins of the monastery which is in the grounds of the convent. If you want and mystery series which you can really get involved in then try this one. The head of the monastery was found in a pool of blood and had received blows to the back of his skull. The abbot was killed in the middle of the night in a part of the vast monastery not covered by security cameras, according to security and judicial officials involved in the investigation.

The nuns of St Eldreda are curious about it and want to know whether it is genuine. The story just tried to do too much and it became tedious after awhile. Reading another in the series is questionable. There is no doubt he viewed the bishop positively, looked up to him, and took his advice. They are pitted against a more mainstream faction that favors building bridges with other churches and lending political support to the government.

He seems to have taken the murder personally. The officials said they were close friends who led a rogue faction within the monastery that undermined the abbot's authority. Then Libby and her psychic friend Fran Wolfe become involved in the investigation of the crime which gradually seems to collect more and more strands to it as they ask more questions. The monasteries are now at the center of the identity of Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church, whose followers constitute the large majority of Egypt's Christians.

Naturally enough a dead body is discovered and it seems as though the title of the play - Murder in the Monastery - has tempted fate. Kamal Zakher, an expert on the church, said the killing has shattered the deep reverence in which monks are held by many lay Christians. Suspicion immediately fell on a monk known by his monastic name of Isaiah, who was defrocked by Pope Tawadros a week later. Just trying to keep them straight is a full-time job, and then to follow the family tree of the story line as well is an impossibility. They witnessed a renaissance over the past century after hundreds of years of neglect that saw many of them abandoned.