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He hired defense attorney Kevin DeVore

After a luminol test at the Allwine's home, bloody footprints too faint to be seen with the naked eye suddenly appeared everywhere. She says he also gave her some disturbing news. Allwine told police he'd spent the morning working in his basement. To find her, Detective Walsh develops a ruse to use with her son. Well, we brought her into an interview room.

And he wants to get back with his wife. The messages are hard for Sydney to hear. So you were able to see all the communication that's gone between customers and Yura himself. That was easier said than done. She would've been crushed.

Sydney didn't know Yura would soon agree to arrange a hit on her. He hired defense attorney Kevin DeVore. He made the exhausting eight-hour trip back and forth to Clarksville to see Sydney on some weekends. Their conversation is recorded.

Sydney didn't know

But the outfit was a scam operator, authorities said. We have a tip on a murder for hire plot. This makes everyone know you could not be the murderer. From there, Allwine says he took his son for dinner and then drove home. Then McAlister studied the bloody scene around Amy.