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Here I am, thinking that everything is fine - well, not fine, but you know what I mean - because I am abusing a drug that's basically for six-year-olds. Also, they want me to wear a bra, which I don't like. Maybe you can't write right now.

Act as if you like getting on your knees and praying. It's the same thing, after all, the same amount of medication, just an alternate method of absorption. She has to switch planes in Miami, or so she says, so she figures she should check up on me. And it's all turned out so bad. Kathlyn is probably my favourite person in the world.

Her narcissism is

Activity is kept to a minimum. And Dr Singer says something about Ritalin being legal, that many people who are uncomfortable with street drugs would have no problem abusing prescribed pills.

Whatever is going on in New York is gone, bleached out. Act as if you believe in God.

Jeffrey, who's a relative, is doing renovations. Her narcissism is so deep-seated she believes that because it's she, Elizabeth Wurtzel, doing these things, they can't help but be fascinating to the general reader.

Jeffrey who's a