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All my lowers that have collapsible stock have single point mount. They are pretty foolproof. Its worse when you fire the weapon, having a hot barrel danging around. They have advantages for marksmanship as well, real nigerian dating sites the sling can be adjusted to provide support to the shooter. Also at least two of my fix stocks have single point mount.

There will be some gap between the two loops so that attachment and sliding is possible. Let me stress moving metal swivel. No weapon disassembly, stock removal or special tools required!

Slings with plastic hooks are bad. They impressed me considering I used to swear by hook-style slings. The hook will go left and right. Instead of removing the End Plate and replacing it with a new Sling Attachment End Plate the Hookup actually clamps right onto the buffer tube in between the castle nut and the butt-stock. Most slings have metal hooks instead of cloth straps.

If they wanted to add a rear sling attachment option to their duty rifle this is one of very few ways it can be done. The noise is nothing to be too concerned about. Check out the rest of the details below. Rotation is still possible, sliding is neither possible nor desired.

Many of us take for granted that we have the right and ability to totally customize our own rifles to make them work and feel however suits us. They tend to come unattached from the mount when doing drills. Three point slings are a complicated nightmare that are inadequate for left handed users. This making more noise is non-sense. It is my opinion that the quick detach mount makes less noise because there is less movement.

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Ive used them in afghanistan and they gave me no issues. Now you are attaching a metal part to a moving swivel.