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Midnight in Your Arms by Morgan Kelly download in ePub, pdf, iPad

The story is hard to put down, I enjoyed it a lot. Knowing it's the house that has haun. That sensation is all there and that, along with the love-conquers-all-thing-ishness, gives the story heart. Then her brother died fighting in the Great War and she had no one left to call family.

No remuneration exchnaged and all opinions

World War I brought a rapid change in class structure, dress and manners. The feelings of a woman spurned, brought a feeling of heat to my face as if I were the chit she finds with the man she intends to marry.

It was no less a shock to society than finding a flapper in Victorian England would be. No remuneration exchnaged and all opinions herein are my own except as noted. She has no connection to the person leaving the house to her, but she has dreamed of it her entire life. The heart gets you past the slightly rapid falling in love of two people who are merely shades to each other and who know each other not at all.

It was no less a shock

The feeling of the crush of a house party. One thing that allows the story to work, given its time travel complexities, is that the writer doesn't even try to explain it with some kind of science. Also similar to the television program the novel has a theme of the crashing of the modern with ancient tradition, the old and the new.