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During the same time, we played games on the device as well, ran benchmarks and downloaded apps, games over Wi-Fi. The phone does get a bit hot if you are playing games, and the battery drains faster as well. The phone does get a bit warm while playing graphics intensive games, music for macbook legally but it is not alarming.

Let your heart beat to the music and groove to all your favorite songs, as and when you like! The colors appear bright and vibrant, and the graphics appear quite sharp as well. This ties in well with our expectations that even though this is a budget device, it performs much better than what we expected. It's not all for show, there is functionality inbuilt too. Capture all your favorite moments in supreme clarity with its camera.

The entire front face of the phone is covered by hardened plastic. Never spend a dull moment again with all your entertainment in your phone. However, we were unable to get the accelerometer to work, in games and in our test apps as well.

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Share files with friends or talk handsfree, all through its Bluetooth connectivity. As you turn up the volume a few notches above the middle bar the sound begins to get shriller and tinnier.

The earpiece is quite loud and clear, your voice is clearly audible at the other end as well. There is proximity sensor, accelerometer, gravity sensor for detecting orientation change. Then there's Temple Run which some reason opens up, shows the start screen and then just closes itself. Tune in to the groove of the moment with the preinstalled music player. Talk Time with Standard Battery.

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Micromax Bolt A27

The accelerometer works only if the phone is tilted at a degree angle, but it's a software issue since it has been replicated with other units as well. Carry all your favorite movies and watch the action come alive with its video player.

Along with this, the Notification shade is customized with Quick Launch icons using which you can control various settings of the device like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Internet, brightness etc. Once done, both can be connected and simply share any files or apps that you want without any data charges. The screen has acceptable viewing angles, but since the screen is deep-set in the casing, looking directly at the screen gives the best picture. The cameras of today's smartphones are generally bad if you don't consider high-end phones.

Standby Time with Standard Battery. There are some cool animations for the Homescreen and the App Drawer as well in the Desktop settings which we have shown in the review video. The main issue is that the phone itself lacks any punch of bass, it is possibly the chipset that is unable to process low-frequency audio which did get better with the use of an equalizer. What it does is, use Wi-Fi tethering to connect to another Android smartphone and then transfer apps, images or any other files you may want to. This does not use your data plan but just connects to the other device over Wi-Fi.

We have to agree its a very clever way to transfer data faster, given the slow speed at which Bluetooth works. View the exclusive demo video to swipe N share all the fun and see what all can this application can do for you. The only issue we faced while making calls was that one time the voice from the other end started echoing, although it happened during just one call and we were unable to reproduce the issue. Powering the low-res display doesn't take many resources and therefore there is always that extra punch available from the processor when you open a new app or switch between apps.

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The battery takes a bit of time to charge but once its done it lasts quite a while. There are always better options than this phone, but there are probably no other devices which can beat this phone in the budget segment.

You should, however, invest in a good set of earphones if you want to listen to music on this device. The camera too is sub-par, as well as the sound from the loudspeaker which tends to crack if you crank up the volume to the max.

The screen is bright and color reproduction is quite accurate. Let's get on with the review. At full volume the sound is so loud it becomes unbearable not just due to the volume but due to the fact that the sound starts to crack as well. Therefore even if you are a heavy user, the phone should easily last an entire day without a hiccup. The device is made completely out of glossy plastic apart from the back cover and the thin trim that surrounds the sides of the device.

These buttons do not light up for some reason and there is no setting to do so either. Record videos, click images and do much more with your camera! There is no creaking from the housing and everything feels right in place once the battery is in. You can then edit channel names and frequency if you want to, which is great. Mobile back Mobile Phones Tablets.

So, if you are planning to buy this phone plainly because you want to buy a budget Android device, then this could be the perfect buy. Never miss another moment with its multi-shot capability and choose the best shot that would make up your memories! Dance to the beats that make you move and save all your favorite songs in the built in memory. But such things go unnoticed since this phone opens the way to Google's Play Store at a very low price point, which can very easily make smartphones mainstream in India. Once you take the phone out, all you see is the hardened plastic covered screen and the row of capacitive buttons.