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There is a tendency for the exotic natures of ethnic fusions to approach in intent a similarity to progressive music. Space Music - Overlapping many of the other genres and indicators is the genre of space music.

Its virtuosic blend

Their crackling fills our ears with a cacophony of sound, easing us into the lull of dreams. Congreso, another long-running Chilean group is possibly the most avant-garde of the field, experimenting far and widely with rock and folk motifs. Now, Many years later I decided to replace my vinyl copy with the digital cousin. Drawing on a wide variety of acoustic instrumentation, including ancient and esoteric, bands often brought such motifs to bear on symphonic or folk arrangements.

Primarily, it's the spirit that is important in this section as this is an area largely away from rock influence. Its virtuosic blend of jazz and roots rock evokes the heartland like no other and has withstood its own commercial success relatively unscathed.

Some of the more guitar jam oriented groups like Man and Wishbone Ash explored lengthy rock ruminations without succumbing to the highly structured music of the time. Black metal itself has evolved from the original groups such as Darkthrone, Burzum, Graveland and Immortal to incorporate outside styles often deemed heretical to purists. As the car speeds along its journey, we see our collective past just beyond the windshield, somehow within reach.

Primarily it's the

Argentine groups such as Horizonte, Aucan, Anacrusa, and Lagrima all incorporated classical music and rock into a traditional framework. As a style developing in the psychedelic era, it crossed over frequently with rock and jazz music to create a number of inventive hybrids. The genre has continued through the years and taken up by a number of bands both at home and abroad, a few of which include the Horslips, The Morrigan, Tempest, and Iona. This section is primarily interested in the point where folk meets rock and other styles and the surrounding territory.