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Making JFK Matter by Paul H. Santa Cruz download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Santa Cruz an archivist at

Santa Cruz, an archivist at the George W. Nevertheless, his book provides a good starting point and will be especially useful to scholars interested in public history. And it may be that the expectations we harbor about what presidents should do, and how they should do it, are the most enduring feature of both his legacy and our popular memory of him. Popular Memory and the Thirty-Fifth President is the first book to analyze how various institutions and individuals have used popular memory of President John F.

The present generation will long be bewitched by the legend, if only because it continues to live through his widow and his two active brothers. Perhaps Santa Cruz could have achieved a more innovative conclusion by consulting recent scholarship on public memory and on the conflation of Hollywood and politics. Santa Cruz is an archivist at the George W. This is a useful political history full of insights about how the contested ground of John F. Follow the links below to find similar items on the Digital Library.

While the book is somewhat incomplete, Paul H. Physical Description xxii, p. Popular Memory and the Thirty-Fifth President. There exists the ongoing debate among historians as to how his presidency should be judged.

He explains multiple aspects of how the memory of Kennedy's life and death has been exploited and distorted to accommodate political and personal needs.

Nevertheless his book provides a good

Giglio, author of The Presidency of John F. Especially puzzling is the lack of a chapter about Jacqueline Kennedy. These actions beg for the same kind of analysis as the other case studies. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas, does launch an important discussion.