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Steely Dan occupies a weird place in popular music. They are popular and obscure. This is a smashing collection of writing, with two or three articles chosen for each item along the Dan timeline. In my mind, there is no truer band than the Dan. If you don't know the music or something about the band, then this will be incomprehensible.

Not every song means what

At what feels like the end of the road for the Dan, it is a timely and reassuring read. The lyrics, which are the soul of their sound, are complex and definitive.

Casual fans will probably want to take a pass. This work entails the thought process behind their music, and how it comes about. Neither Becker nor Fagen display caustic wit or ironic detachment or try to toss off witty bon mots. One has to admire their discipline. My three-star rating derives more from the limitations of the format than the choice of materials itself.

For long time fans, like myself, it was very entertaining and insightful. Unfortunately, the recent passing of Walter Becker left a void that will be deeply missed. One of the things that stood out for me was the evolution of the personas of Walter Becker and Donald Fagen. In conclusion, their music stands in a class by itself.

That being said a lot of

Also, Becker and Fagen treat Steely Dan as a band, not a duo with some session guys rounding out the sound. So hooked that through the years I have proceeded to buy every album they've created.

That being said, a lot of the material used is redundant. Not every song means what you want to think it means, not every song is as memorable as the one that comes before it.

They are respected and reviled. It is still a fun book and I am glad I read it. The best thing was getting closer to the humour of the two main men and the relationship between them. They are the only band that I feel has been able to successfully merge jazz a favorite genre of mine and rock - so much so, that their sound is unique and unparalleled.