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Roasted root veggies on the side. Naturally, I had a glass of Vino Nobile de Montepulciano.

One of them was truffle-hunting. You may have seen it floating around. Fine for the purpose and helpful for driving confidence.

We had a nice light lunch there, pecorino ravioli with black truffle. This was just a few days after I taught myself how to arm knit from seeing a quick video, in a different language, of a woman arm knitting with no sound no words being spoken. Well, Like many other knitters out there I had a hard time finishing a knitting project. Below is a photo of me arm knitting for my first time. Just try to stay out of the hospitals because that is no picnic.

Also, I do not trust myself with a Ferrari although I do enjoy driving around rural Tuscany in daylight only. So I went on a search for a faster way to knit, I found videos of women using giant needles, but those were too pricey.

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