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Loving a Lawman by Amy Lillard download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Caring, protective, steady and really sweet, and exactly what Jessie needed. That added to the story being enjoyable. Lillard did good with the way she handled potentially messy situations with the characters and while some parts were heartbreaking, there was also some humor to lighten things up. This is my first book by Ms. The chemistry between Rosie and Micah was there.

But Micah is punishingShe was lonely and yearned for

Despite her loveliness, however, Valerie has developed a reputation for rejecting men with her icy demeanor. Approaching thirty, she's given up on the fairy tale of marriage, choosing instead to give her time and effort to the betterment of the race. Lillard and I'm already looking forward to the next because this was such an interesting read. They are intelligent, loving, and know their own minds- but they are far from perfect. The feisty, determined female citizens of the settlement.

The romance and chemistry kept me involved until the end. This is a story of two people who really need each other. This is one of those books you hate and love at the same time, the kind that makes you want to cry and slap some common sense into some people. Rosie has run a boarding house for over twenty years and really devoted her life to serving others. This book keeps you reading and wanting to get to the end.

It uses an older couple, that have seen much trial and tribulation in both of their lives. But Micah holds back because of the past. This is one of those books that I could not put down. Rosie was a loyal, hard-working woman making her way in the world. This story seemed to have more depth to the characters.

But Micah is punishing himself for a tragedy long ago. She was lonely and yearned for a family of her own and has held an attraction to the Sheriff Micah ever since he came to town. They love each other, they know it, but yet Micah is extremely afraid to love again. So many questions, so many issues.

Loving the Lawman- Valerie and Noah's story. She does a great job capturing the complexities of living in a small town and how difficult it can be to live down negative perceptions. There are twist and turns and some that I did not see coming. Rosie Porter has also felt tragedy and lost those she loved. There were a few times that I was holding my breath.