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The only other observation I'll make is about the author. It's also increasingly tedious and repetitive the longer it goes on, and many of the vignettes will make no sense to the reader. In the end, I'm not really sure what the point of all this was. Sounded pretty interesting to me - an unusual perspective, to say the least.

Jay clearly has his own very unique style and vision that is worth enjoying. The book isn't about that. These vocal troubles meant three Sydney concerts had to be postponed. They also often were robbed in addition to beaten. He keeps to the background, letting everyone else tear each other to pieces, while he just impassively writes it down.

But that's not how the book is described, so for those expecting more than that, reader beware. As a result, what usually happened is that they got the shit kicked out of them, sometimes before and sometimes after they sucked some dick. All of this is mean rather than funny and empty rather than enlightening. As a result, I was well and truly sick of this book by the end.

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And now they are nothing but fat, old, hysterical, useless queens, the end. The band, however, delighted fans by sometimes shifting its setlist from night to night and with uncharacteristic guitar soloing by The Edge. King toured with the band and played the first set each night.