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Long Days of Small Things by Catherine McNiel download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Motherhood as a

This book was provided by the publisher for the purpose of my review which is, of course, offered freely and with honesty. Long Days of Small Things fleshed out what that looks like in the everyday life of a mom.

One of the foundational truths presented is the need to be present in the moment where God has placed you. Well aware of the creaturely weakness that plagues her own journey, she offers life-giving practices and perspective-altering insights. The reaping begins as mindfulness, choosing to see our daily routines with eyes of faith. Scripture says that God speaks to us, connects with us, through His Word, not the muscles contracting in our legs.

Best I can tell, the author prescribes intentional living for the purpose of being present in every moment, and that being the end, in and of itself. Never, ever, day or night. We should use challenging circumstances as opportunities to grow.

Many times in

And in motherhood, we meet these twin crucibles every single day. But then again, I wrote it.

The author seems to view herself as a victim. How we respond to them will determine if we emerge from life strong and beautiful or brittle and bitter. As much as I miss spiritual disciplines, I just. She is willingly replacing the traditional disciplines with something else to be determined at that point in my reading.

Motherhood as a Spiritual Discipline out of the experience of her own turbulence in the line of mothering duty. Many times in the first chapter, the author suggests that you do physical things to connect with God. But you have to dig, and the two tools you need to unearth them are discernment and a solid grasp on what God requires of those who follow Him. My heart longs for the ancient paths, the sacred practices of generations of saints. She invites busy mums to attend to the work God wants to do in their souls and to join C.