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The value of housing displaced people in shelters which are in some way familiar is seen to provide reassurance and comfort following often very traumatic times. They may also become more complicated and more expensive, as the capital and labour required to construct them is a one-time cost.

The new centralized office development would provide an opportunity to showcase a new form of sustainable government workplace as well as a meaningful integration with the public realm. All the shelters are adapted to suit the local climate. By contrast, in Western Europe, such separation is accomplished inside one dwelling, by dividing the building into separate rooms.

The new centralized office developmentAll the shelters are

The word probably derives from an older Etruscan word. Materials used will become heavier, more solid and more durable. Moreover, the entire building is naturally lit throughout the year whenever the sun is up.

Traditional architecture is architecture is passed down from person to person, generation to generation, particularly orally, but at any level of society, not just by common people. Electric lights are needed only at night, and the house can be heated even in the deepest winter using just the wood stove. The main floor is comprised of two volumes separated by a small courtyard and stairwell.

All forms of vernacular architecture are built to meet specific needs, accommodating the values, economies and ways of life of the cultures that produce them. Climatic influences on vernacular architecture are substantial and can be extremely complex. Vernacular, almost by definition, is sustainable, and will not exhaust the local resources. The size of family units, who shares which spaces, how food is prepared and eaten, how people interact and many other cultural considerations will affect the layout and size of dwellings. In the Far East it is common to use bamboo, as it is both plentiful and versatile.

The Dutch architect Aldo van Eyck was also a proponent of vernacular architecture. Known for her sense of humour, common sense, and get-it-done leadership, Helen excels at building relationships and sharing the stories of the people and aspirations behind our projects. Permanent dwellings often offer a greater degree of protection and shelter from the elements.

It is most often applied to residential buildings. An east facing clerestory window allows sunlight to penetrate deep into the plan, and simple durable materials create a calm space. The final report is a summary of the collaborative effort and consensus of many stakeholders through interactive workshops, critical analysis and case studies. In architecture, it refers to that type of architecture which is indigenous to a specific time or place not imported or copied from elsewhere.