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Principles As mentioned earlier, liberal internationalism is optimistic about the world and actors engaged in international relations. Political cooperation follows from economic engagement. On the other side, as former defense secretary Les Aspin once wrote, there is no other side.

Take democracy promotion, an idea at the heart of liberal internationalism since Woodrow Wilson. And it's time to fill that role once more. Most current internationalists focus principally on the role of institutions. Nothing here is either surprising or controversial.

Political cooperation follows

And his recommendations for the future blithely disregard the most important and difficult facts about the present. This made intra-Western international politics a series of positive sum interactions that allowed us to contain and out-compete our communist adversaries.

It will work harder to gather broader global support behind its actions. Its impact on state behaviour is, however, more contestable. Bodies such as the European Union presented a model for future supranational political structures. In many ways, they have only become more troubling. Liberal internationalists have stressed a variety of agents of and strategies for reform.

Yes, it's true that the United States has sought to build a rules-based international order. In fact, some former Clinton officials argue that Bush made his case more difficult by trying so hard to distinguish what he was doing from the approaches he inherited from Clinton.

Principles As mentioned earlier liberal