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Learning Theories Simplified by Bob Bates download in ePub, pdf, iPad

To experiment with the use of paint and colour in ways that will widen the creative and expressive appeal of the medium. You will also learn how to repeat the recipes for family and friends time and time again.

Each workshop covers a different theme so check before booking if you have a favourite. Watercolour - Plants and Flowers Through the Seasons This course will give you an introduction to painting and drawing flowers, fruit and natural objects in graphite and watercolour. Watercolour Landscapes - Beginners This course is for beginners and those wishing to return to art after a long absence. Projects will include a rustic gift arrangement, an autumn vase, autumn fantasy forest, autumn hanging and a rustic floral pumpkin.

Watercolour  Plants andEach workshop covers a different

Kitchen Confidence - Beginners This course will teach the basic kitchen skills needed to produce nutritious and tasty everyday meals. We will also focus on how to read and analyse a text, thinking about the choices the author made and how to infer meaning from texts. Behaviorism theorists believe that knowledge exists independently and outside of people. You will start by learning how to use the grid method to enlarge the reference photo and transfer the image onto canvas. Makeup for Mature Skin This is fun, informative and practical.

It will also allow the learner to understand the specific dietary needs of a vegetarian and how these can be met through a balanced diet. Booking essential as places limited. You will learn how to use spices and herbs in a subtle way to create authentic home-cooked flavours.