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These are examples of the Consultative style. Numerous decisions are made during times of change. Consultative decision-making allows you to capture and utilize the creativity in your team as well as gauge the popularity or usefulness of your ideas before coming to your final decision. It is important to be familiar with the different styles and clear with yourself about which you are using.

How you, as a manager, handle decision-making will directly influence how your organization fares during these times. Analysis, reflection and outcomes. There are times when you will want input from your team before making a decision. At the same time, when consensus is reached you are more likely to have all members of your team on board, because together you have all come to agreement on your decision.

These are examples ofNumerous decisions are made

The programme highlights three factors that underpin leadership decision making. Even the most democratic manager knows that using Autocratic decision-making is sometimes necessary especially when a decision needs to be made quickly.

Taking yourself out of the mix all together is the final style, Delegation. Autocratic and Consultative decisions are made by the leader or manager. These styles vary in the level of team participation, but in both you make the decision. Leadership is often characterised by the capacity to be decisive and to make decisions that generate a positive momentum within the organisation. Because you will not be a part of the decision-making process, it is important to make sure you are explicit about the parameters and goals.

Group Decision can be accomplished either by majority vote or by reaching consensus. Psychometric tools are employed to offer objective feedback and utilised to target future areas of potential.

Consensus is generally the most time consuming style because each member must agree. This transparency allows you and your team to feel good about the process. Decision Making For organizations to grow and develop they must undergo change.