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Mrs Erlynne left her husband for a lover shortly after Lady Windermere's birth. He is even more surprised to espy his wife in the arms of another man, who can be no other than his neighbour and former great friend, Julian Fortescue, now the Duke of Densford. He demands to know if Lord Darlington has her hidden somewhere. Mrs Erlynne enters and states that she shall be going abroad, but asks that Lady Windermere give her a photograph of herself and her son. Mrs Erlynne discovers the note and that Lady Windermere has gone, and is curiously worried by this.

He requests that she send Mrs Erlynne an invitation to her birthday ball that evening to help her back into society. The Duchess of Berwick calls and Lord Darlington leaves shortly thereafter. These rumours have been gossip among London society for quite a while, though seemingly this is the first Lady Windermere has heard about it. Damian arrives in London expecting Cynthia to be safely ensconced at Beaulieu, and is therefore surprised to find his London house inhabited.

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Damian immediately jumps to the conclusion that Cynthia is having an affair with him. Later, Lady Windermere, in spite of her earlier reluctance, decides to leave the house at once for Lord Darlington, and leaves a note to that effect for Lord Windermere. Lord Darlington sets her an ultimatum to try to convince her to take action immediately, while still in a state of shock. As Lord Windermere rises to leave, the fan is pointed out to him, which he instantly recognises as his wife's.

Lady Windermere makes clear her intention to cause a scene if Mrs Erlynne appears, to which Lord Windermere responds that it would be in her best interest not to do so. Wilde bridges this by theorising his modern aesthetics beneath the ornamental surface of fashion and elite society.