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Those seem to be the

Book the Second describes the life and death of Jesus. This preface is followed by three books, interleaved with otherworldly episodes.

Those seem to be the only two fashionable religions left to us nowadays. Changes which are actually taking place at these junctures tend to acquire extra sometimes mystical layers of meaning.

After a journey of one year, moving continuously upwards and finding only an immense blue, Nimrod shoots an arrow into the infinite, and is thrown back to Earth. With his servant, the eunuch, Nimrod releases the cage from its tethers, and the eagles start towards the heavens. The genius and the imbecile were determined to have largely similar character traits, including les delires des grandeurs and la folie du doute. Wandering the Earth, which he has fully dominated and laid waste, he decides to conquer the heavens.

This can result in a type of alienation and anguish, as in Baudelaire's case, and demonstrates how aesthetic artists chose cityscapes over country as a result of their aversion to the natural. It emphasises the evil of human beings. Book the Third is about the storming of the Bastille. Lane, you're a perfect pessimist.

Changes which are actually