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The squire dressed in a white robe would kneel down and have both his shoulders tapped with a sword, usually by his father as other nobles watched. Knighthood Training in other physical skills included climbing, swimming, throwing stones, javelins, archery and wrestling. Some would pray alone in church the night before the ceremony, wearing simple clothes to prove humility before God. These knights ranged in various sizes starting with a palfrey, or an ambler for general travelling purposes. In preparation for the special dubbing ceremony the following day, squires would spend the night before the ceremony in prayer asking for guidance in their new role as a knight.

Great emphasis was placed on physical fitness and strength. Their Knighthood training became far more dangerous. The quintain consisted of a shield and dummy which was suspended from a swinging pole. While Orders of female knights were rare, they did exist.

Those lacking the equipment, status or wealth to join an order were usually denied. Their skills with the lance had to be perfected. Close combat training Medieval Squires would practice acrobatics and do other strength and fitness training on their route to becoming a knight.

The priest would bless his sword, and when presented, the new knight would kiss the hilt, which often contained religious relics. As Squires they were seen as men capable of fighting in battles. Sword play was practised using wooden swords and shields. Learners who attend this course will receive the skills and knowledge which are needed to manage a licensed premises.

Their skills with the lanceThose lacking the equipment

General fitness levels had to be high and the strength of an apprentice knight was expected, regardless of size. Knighthood training included all of these aspects of siege warfare. When the shield was hit by a charging squire, the whole apparatus would rotate. Injuries were a common occurrence during their knighthood training.